At Glacial Till we are always looking for good people to help us grow!

Ashland, NE Location


Part-Time Positions

  • Tasting Room Retail Bar Staff: (currently hiring) This position requires high customer service skills, knowledge of Glacial Till, our ciders, and wines. Hours would be during GTV normal business hours with an emphasis on Friday-Sunday.

  • Food Service Runner/Bussing: (currently hiring)  Responsible for taking food from the kitchen to the guest and then returning it to the kitchen when the guest is finished.  Cleaning and sanitizing tables, chairs, and guest spaces

  • Dish Washer: (currently hiring)   Responsible for making sure dishes are cleared & cleaned.  Will be responsible for keeping the kitchen tidy and organized.  Requires speed and the ability to work well under pressure.

  • Kitchen Staff(currently hiring)

    • Support the head chef in food preparation 

    • Assist in plating food according to head chef's guidelines

    • Use creativity in offering menu enhancements

    • Help with cleaning and sanitizing kitchen and kitchen equipment

    • Assist in food delivery to customers

    • Develop skills to be able to run the kitchen when the head chef is not working


Palmyra, Lincoln/Omaha Locations

Part-Time Positions

  • ​Cider Production Staff: (currently hiring)  This position requires a person to be on their feet and be able to lift up to 40lbs. Can include cleaning tanks, working on the canning line, cleaning and filling kegs.

  • Field Work: (currently hiring)  Responsible for working in the vineyard doing vine maintenance, garden weeding, and event center landscaping.

  • Event Bartending Staff: Must be familiar with both GTV wines and ciders, plus have some basic bartending skills for basic mixed drinks. A high degree of customer involvement. Most events are in the evening and on weekends.

  • Event Set-Up Staff: This position requires a person to be on their feet and be able to lift up to 40lbs. Setting up tables, chairs, and other items for rentals and GTV events. 

  • Farmers Market(currently hiring)  (Lincoln, Omaha) Must be familiar with both GTV wines and ciders. A high degree of customer involvement. Mornings on Saturdays & Sundays. responsible for driving a van to the Farmer Market, setting up tent and display, selling cider and wine during the hours of operation, tear down, drive the van back to the winery and restock.

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Ashland Locaion
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Palmyra, Lincoln, Omaha

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