This wine has a deep violet robe with aromas of currant, black cherry and floral notes. It’s bright acidity and light tannins come together in a long finish. This wine has been aged on both French and American oak staves, which gives the wine a slight chocolate flavor.


This wine has notes of cherry, berry, black pepper and baking spices such as vanilla, coffee and nutmeg. With a hint of earthiness and acidity, this wine will pair well with a variety of foods.

Red Blend

This fruit forward wine is a compilation of Marquette and Malbec varietals. In the nose there are hints of coffee. Flavors of dark cherry, strawberry and a sweet tobacco finish.

St Vincent

This bright garnet colored wine has notes of thyme and earthy minerals. Flavors of blackberry and sweet tobacco are present with a long, pleasant finish.


This wine has notes of lemongrass, lime and orange peel. On the back, tons of flavors are present, including lychee and apricot,  wrapped up in the perfect amount of acidity. The long finish leaves the palate wanting more.

La Crosse

Aromas of grapefruit, pear and white peach are present. This wine is smooth on the palate with good acidity. Enjoy this wine with a variety of foods.

White Blend

A dry white blend with fruity aromas of lemon, lime and white nectarine. A second nose reveals hints of green apple.




This wine has floral, tropical and citrus aromas. Bright flavors such as pineapple and green apple you would expect from Edelweiss are present with a mouthwatering finish on the palate.


Delightful aroma of lime, pear and apricot. Brianna has an upfront sweetness on the palate and tart finish at the end due to higher acidity of the grapes.



 This semi-sweet wine has aromas of raspberries and fresh flowers with flavors of raspberry. The perfect wine to enjoy on Summer days and nights.


This wine has has aromas of peach, apricot and tropical fruits with a hint of hay and floral notes. Its bright acidity makes for a lively, refreshing wine that is sure to please.


Floral nose with hints of green apple. This wine has flavors of melon and pineapple with a bright acidity and crisp finish.



The wine is made as a port style with a strong dose of brandy added into the fermenting wine. Flavors of dark cherry, fig, & caramel.The wine will spend over a year in French oak casks before it is bottled. 


Floral, tropical and citrus aromas. Flavors such as pineapple and green apple.


Milestones require toasts. Toasts require bubbles. Come help Glacial Till Celebrate its 10th year in the wine & cider industry!  Glacial Till has produced a very limited supply of 100% Sparkling Delaware. We call this YRX, short for YEAR 10.


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