Glacial Till Vineyard Event Center – Overview and FAQ


Overview:  The Glacial Till Event Center is located approximately 15 minutes southeast of Lincoln, Nebraska.  The Event Center is found at 344 South 2nd (Otoe County) in the country between Bennet and Palmyra, Nebraska atop a hill overlooking the vineyard, pond, creek, trees, and rolling hills.  Come see for yourself, there is not another place like it if you’re looking for something special for your event and guests.  Contact Glacial Till Vineyard to arrange a tour by phone (402) 610-3068, or email.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How large is the Event Center? The Event Center consists of a total number of 12,494 sq. feet available for rent.  The spaces available consists of the main event center and lower two barrel rooms that are air conditioned (9,144 sq.ft.), and 2 large outside patios (3,350 sq.ft.).  Additionally, a large lawn green space is located to the west of the Center.


How many people can be seated?  Depending upon the table configuration and what spaces you want to use (inside/outside/both), the seating capacity can be set up for 300 people or more.


What is the cost to rent?  The base cost to rent the Event Center for a 12 hour time period is $2000 for Friday and Saturday, $1500 for Sunday, and $1000 Monday through Thursday.  You must also plan to include additional charges for Beverage Service, Cleaning Service, and possible Security Service. If you would like to use a credit card you will be charged a 3.5% processing fee.


What services will Glacial Till provide with my rent?  All beverage services for your event will be provided by Glacial Till.  This will include getting the liquor license for your event, supply of bartender(s) and bar(s).  Additionally, all tables and chairs that we have can be used for your event and will be set up to plan.  Finally, the audio visual system, large screen, and multiple flat panel monitors will be available to show videos in all spaces.  A beverage minimum for each event is $2000.


What is the costs for Cleaning Service and Security Service?  These two services are not provided by Glacial Till and the costs for these two services is dependent upon whom and what is contracted for your event.  Furthermore, not all events will require security so it is best to handle these two costs on a proposal basis.  You can expect the Cleaning Service and Security Service to be $400.


What about Sales Tax & Gratuity?  A service charge of 20% is automatically applied to your final beverage bill at the conclusion of your event.  Additionally, Glacial Till is required to charge sales tax for all rent and services provided by Glacial Till.


Do you have Catering Services?  No, Glacial Till will allow a renter to select their own caterer for their event.  The only requirement is that the caterer you select must have a State of Nebraska catering license.


What about table linens, plates, stemware, silverware?  All services beyond rent and beverage are up to the renter to arrange for their event.  We can help with referrals on these services if you need assistance.  A caterer prep room is available for your caterer to use, which includes ice machine, water, and sinks.


Can we decorate the space?  Yes you can decorate, but you must use hooks we have put in place to hang lights, streamers, etc.  No nails or tape can be put on walls.  No glitter, or small bits of paper without added cleaning costs.  No fire or flames.


Can we bring in our own alcoholic beverages?  No, all beverage services will be provided by GTV.  Our liquor license does not allow for outside alcohol to be provided.  If you desire to have wine other than GTV wine, then the renter must purchase their desired wine and provide to GTV ahead of the event, and then a “corkage fee” will apply. The corkage fee is $15/bottle.  We can work with you to insure that the bar is stocked with beverages that you desire to have served to your guests.  As a part of our beverage service, we will also provide for drinks from our soda machine.  You are allowed to have your caterer bring in tea, coffee, lemonade or other drinks that are not soda or alcoholic.


What is required to reserve an event date? A renter must sign and return our rental agreement and provide a deposit to hold and insure that the event date you want is secured.  All event deposits are non-refundable.


Can we get access to the building either before or after our 12 hour rental time period?  Additional charges will be applied to expand access to the event center beyond the 12 hours rented.  This can be determined during the proposal discussions.  It is not uncommon that we will have multiple events during the weekend, so GTV must have time to clean and prepare the facility for each event.  The costs for each additional hour is set at $175.